About us

wdm-pic-aboutWE DRAW MUSIC has been founded by music enthusiasts and activists for 20 years and specializes in the creation and manufacturing of Music-themed T-shirts and Art Prints.

Our concept

To illustrate the essential figures of the electronic movement, their most influential songs, the Rave and Club culture as a whole while giving particular attention to the textile, printing, graphic design, styling quality and the environment by using organic products.

Our aim

To pay tribute to artists and their music through original, cutting-edge designs.

Our collections

A series of portraits of the founding figures and leading lights in electronic music.

The most celebrated tracks reinterpreted using typography and original illustrations.

Circular record labels printed onto T-shirts.

Design that reflects music culture, especially rave and club culture.

Who’s behind it ?

Old School But Good School, DJs collective based in Berlin and Paris.
Fédération Française de Clubbing, (French Clubbing Federation), a non-profit organisation based in Paris.